Latest Mini-Update: July 26th 2014


If you don't know what the FLASH sale is, it's something we do randomly every now and then to thank you guys for playing on the server and being a part of this AWESOME community. For 24 hours (from now until Sunday), EVERYTHING on the store is 50% OFF! That's right, if you enter the code 'SUMMER' at checkout, you'll get it all 50% OFF for the next 24 hours!

So what are you waiting for? Go and head over to the STORE and pick up some stuff!


As you may have noticed, scavenger hunts haven't been happening too often since the world reset last Monday. That's because the old format doesn't quite work with the new spawn anymore, so we've been hard at work figuring out a better and more enjoyable way for us to do them. After lots of brainstorming, here how scavenger hunts will now be going down:

- There are now TWO scavenger hunt sessions a day to cater to both UK and US players. The first of the day will happen at 7:30pm UK, and the second at 7:30pm US Central!

-Four chests now randomly drop in each session. Two of the four are armor/weapon chests, helping you gear up ready for PvP in Factions. The other two are potion/raiding item chests, giving you things that'll help you behind the scenes of raiding such as redstone, TNT, health potions and more!

-Instead of the chests being hidden around spawn, they are now RANDOMLY hidden at any of the four wilderness areas. North, South, East and West. All portals are accessible easily at the main spawn and the chests will be around the surrounding sub-spawns at each location within  32 BLOCK RADIUS. For example, one day, there may be 3 chests at east and 1 at west. These are completely random, so each day you'll have to hunt around all the spawns to get the best loot!

-As we now have many different biomes to work with each day, we are no longer digging up any dirt or trees to hide chests. All chests will now be placed hidden in plain sight, in trees, around corners etc...

This new routine will start TOMORROW (Thursday May 22nd 2014), so make sure to log on and start hunting for those chests to get some great bonuses on Factions EVERY DAY!



YoshiToMario a posted May 18, 14
We are fully aware that since the Faction world reset, we've had a few issues with people getting the ranks they have bought in the past. This is obviously an issue that we take VERY seriously, and we're working as hard as we can to fix this asap!

If you are missing rank, make sure you post on [THIS FORUM POST] to make the process as easy as possible! 

GreenYoshi123 I have had it now please give me my islander rank back in factions i have got it in the orther portals like kit pvp and ...
EndermanSniper10 Still missing my rank i want it back plz i am getting mad now because you are not giving back my rank i reported this 4 ...
EndermanSniper10 Missing my rank still i posted a report a month ago and i still don't have it then i talked to a Helper 4 days ago and h ...
We've finally got a new routine for Scavenger Hunts on the Factions server, that's being implemented today!

Firstly, on weekdays, scavenger hunts will happen at 4:30pm US Central (10:30pm UK) and at 6:30pm US Central (12:30am UK). These times have been applied to try and get the best time for both US and UK players, while also trying to work around times that we believe you will be in school. We'll try and change the timing for summer however, so if these don't work for you right now, don't worry!

The other part of the change is that we now have different types of themes for each day! You can find the list of what is being given away each day below!

Food, Potions and Other Buffs.


Random Mixture



Captain Kit giveaways


mmvrcrepkilla Hey Hugh TMB I Have Waited 2 Days Still Nothing
EliteArrow Lost My Chief Rank IGN: EliteArrow
Blieshake I lost all my ranks
Before the time comes where Minecraft code has changed so much we need to reset our worlds again, we won't you guys to be able to suggest ways in which we can make the process easier for you, as just like you, we don't want to do it either. It does however, have to be done eventually.


AdarBocaj Plz keep ender chest if not possible inventory
sinderley Keep enderchests, erase everything else.
Conor1116 x STFU hoe
Ok. Here we go. After A LOT of work tonight trying to figure out alternatives to the bracket system after wasn't able to handle the way we plan to run the tournament, we've got our solution! It may seem a little complicated, but here goes!

On Saturday, all 100 players listed in the last post will be put randomly into 4 groups of 25 players each. This is for the first round. Each match, we will randomly pick 1 player from each group to play. After 25 matches in the first round, we will have our 25 players advancing onto round 2. On Sunday, round 2 begins and those 25 people will then be placed into 1 of 5 groups, with each group consisting of 5 players. Again, we will randomly choose one person from each group to play a match, giving us a total of 5 matches in round 2. Once we have finished round 2, we will be left with our FINAL 5! The final 5 will then go into one final match together, and duke it out for 1st to 5th place. The first person to die will get 5th place, the second 4th and so on.

You won't end up knowing which groups you will be placed into for the first and second round, as it really won't affect your game experience at all and is simply a minor detail. Hopefully you understand and like the way we decided to run the tournament instead of our previous plan. While that wasn't possible, we believe that this'll work just as well if not even better!

BltzTheHitMan what are the rules
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